Parent Board

LCFCCP Parent Board & Committee Positions 2017-2018


President - Jessica Boyle


Vice President of Communications - Meghan Ulfeldt


Vice President of Class Programs - Amber Serrano


Vice President of Enrichment Programs – Sara Branscum


Treasurer - Alison Molinelli


Secretary – Julia Fahlen


Fundraising Chair – Molly Lancaser


Publicity Chair - Allison Hutchings


Hospitality Chair - Nicole Rustigian


Western Round-Up Co-Chairs - Mary Klausner, Rana Kantar, Kristen Dodson


Silent Auction Co-Chairs - Krissy King and Nicole Nathanson


LCFCCP Committee Positions


Special Days Coordinators – Alison Anotony


Adopt-a-Family – Tiffany Akasaki


Librarian – Emily Phifer


Class Photo Book Coordinator – Heidi Spencer


Display Coordinator – Jenny Carlsen